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12 ways to make your day more positive

So this is my first post on this blog :) It's been about a year in the making but kept getting 'unprioritised', and now with this self isolation going on I have finally put it to the forefront. Time to share ideas, create communication, community, and support. I know I don't have all the answers, no one does, but in the reality of what may seem a perfect life there has been plenty of cracks, learning curves, and a mix of victories and failures. Together with the fact I am a chatterbox, love writing, and am not afraid of the camera I wanted to create this platform to voice my experiences both on written posts and the you tube channel attached and hopefully sow seeds of support and positivity in anyone that is open to the idea of listening.

So here goes......12 things I remind myself on a regular basis to make my day more positive....

1. Routines

Morning routines, bedtime routines, housework routines, call me a nerd and/or German, but yes, they work. You get yourself in gear, practise self-discipline and using tools like google calendar or bullet journaling it can be fun. You don't have to stress about what comes next, it's just part of a routine. And no, things don't get boring and monotonous cause in that routine you can have free time, crazy time, knitting time, whatever floats your boat. Routines relieve stress, and when you incorporate them step by step and get them done the sense of achievement when you find one that works is definitely worthwhile. More on how I create routines at a later date.

2. Take 20

Twenty minutes of quiet time, be it meditation, daydreaming over a cuppa with no interruptions, sitting down and just thinking of three things you are thankful for today and really feel it, feel it until you are nearly bored of feeling it, or a 20 minute walk or sit down outside or under the stars....some people go to church, some people sit under the moon, either way, you deserve to prioritise yourself for just 20 minutes so you can carry on giving the rest of the day.

3. Spend time with the people you love

Lets say you are ill, or on your death bed...chances are the most important thing to you is the people you love and cherish. Everything else is peripheral. Wealth isn't money, it's the relationships you have with yourself and with others, so if today isn't going great, break away from that routine I mentioned earlier. It can wait a little bit. It's not set in stone. Break away and give that someone special a cuddle, or ask them how they are feeling, or do something fun that makes ye smile. Make memories, it doesn't take long.

4. Music and movies

Songs and movies can make you feel happy, sad, sexy, or like a superhero, well cash in on that. I used to never remember music in times of stress or upset, but now I have a playlist of songs that get that warrior zone going. Find your groove, save the songs that make you feel like you can rock this day and play them - loud ;) Or watch that movie that you know makes you feel like you've just escaped and come back to take on the world.

5. Have a treat

Now hold on a second, I'm usually a clean eating fitness person, and don't have a social life thanks to kids, but I ain't no saint either. The little pleasures of a treat (Rolo yoghurt anyone?), or a drink here or there isn't going to be bad in the long run unless of course you have addiction or health issues in that department. In that case ignore this point. I have on plenty of occasions hidden in the bedroom or on the stairs with my said treat and taken 5 minutes of gluttonous pleasure in the fact I'm an adult and I'm just retaining my sanity with this little break.

6. Self care

There's a difference between narcissism and self care. You can't expect your car to run without fuel and maintenance...or if you see yourself as your best friend, would you wish for them to get burnt out and turn into a scraggly cold sore ridden stressed out mess? No.

So treat yourself the same way. Take a bath, treat yourself to a manicure, or face mask, have an early night, or read a chapter of that book.

7. Move

I'm sure you've read a lot of these before, but sometimes we just have to read it one more time before we take action. Move! What do you like? What activity draws you to it? Walking, working out? Horse riding? YouTube dance tutorials? Football with the kids? There's something for everyone, inside, outside, kids or no kids.

Think of a goal you'd like to achieve, and then try make the journey there a fun one cause there's no need to torture yourself. Set yourself little rewards along the way. Enjoy the process of turning yourself into the best version of you. More on this in a later post.

8. Declutter

Your physical space reflects your mind. If you wake up to a tidy clean bedroom and kitchen on a Monday morning that morning will already be a good morning. If you have time, which at the moment you might, pick an area to declutter or tidy. We put these things off in our everyday lives and they still hide in the corners like a monster under the kids bed, but now could be a good time to tackle them. I got on the Kon Mari wagon last year and that worked for me, find a space that gives you bad vibes at the moment and turn it into a positive with a little bit of attention.

9. Take the first step

Take the first step in a goal or dream you have been plotting in your mind. Even just taking a little bit of time to start the first step in however many it will take to achieve your dream will bring you closer to whatever it is you are working towards, and lets face it, a sense of achievement in doing something for you or in helping others is always good. Use this time to think outside the box and get creative, everyone has something to offer or something they wish to achieve and each journey is made up of a thousand steps.

10. Say No.

Not one of my strong points, but I'm getting better. Say no more. If you're like me and you have a habit of overloading your capabilities on a daily basis then just try saying a polite no sometimes instead of taking on more. It can be done diplomatically, like for example say 'Let me get back to you on that' and just take some time to think if you can really take on another thing, or say 'I can't give you the attention you deserve right now, but try me again later/tomorrow, and then I can properly give you the focus you need'. Then give yourself a pat on the back and remind yourself you are not evil, it's called self preservation.

Speaking of saying no, I lost count how many times I had to say no to my kids in order to write this post, so don't loose hope if the penny doesn't drop straight away, you can do this.

11. Help Others

This may sound slightly contradictory to the last point, but it's not. If your tank of giving is refuelled enough so you're functioning again but you're still having a bad day, help someone. Ask someone do they need help, offer to help them with something you know they've been struggling with or something that would help them with their goals, look to someone that doesn't have the comforts you have and see what you can spare, make someone laugh or give them a hug, make a stranger smile (keep it safe), or teach your children an act of kindness for a fellow human or the planet. What you give comes back ten fold.

12. Give yourself a break

And lastly, give yourself a break. A break from your expectations. It's all about balance, and equilibrium. Some days will work like clockwork and others will fail. You're human. Not a machine. If this morning was horrible, maybe just try one of the above or whatever works for you this afternoon, and you'll hopefully already be feeling a sense of achievement pretty soon. Yes, practice self discipline and give yourself a kick up the butt or drag yourself through a home workout, but you don't need to do an hour today. 20 minutes is ok for today, but do aim for 30 tomorrow ;) Be well folks and thank you x

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