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  • Kathie Richardson

7 ways to reconnect as parents during lockdown

It's Covid-19 lockdown and alone time with your partner or spouse during this time if you are a parent is few and far between. Special family moments can be had, but adult time? Where you're actually awake and functioning? Not so common.

So I tried thinking of ways how couples might be able to reconnect in these times, which I think is important. Stresses are running a little high right now, so reconnecting with your significant other if you are lucky enough to be on lockdown in their company is something that can refuel your tank and maybe even iron out issues you had before this even started.

Here's a few ideas you might like to try:

1. Dinner after bedtime

Dinner without chaos, ketchup in someones eyebrows or arguments about anything green may be a rare thing, so how about making an easy dinner for the kiddos at dinner time, with a little bite for yourselves, but then sit down to an adult dinner once the kids are in bed. You could even do it by candlelight and have your special dessert that you have to hide from the kids during the day. Make it easy, it doesn't have to be a Sunday roast, it's about the company :)

2. Pre wake up workout

This isn't for everyone. But it's an idea, how about a workout together before the kids wake up? There's plenty of free ones on YouTube and Pinterest for all levels of experience. Or join the TikTok clan of hilarious looking parents doing kids dances. An actual workout will get you both feeling like you're doing something for your health and your self improvement and you can be each others cheer leaders and laugh together when you fail or collapse at the end. Making a conscious choice together to do something for yourself is fun and rewarding and the laughs are a welcome bonus too. Plus, healthier and fitter = happier and sexier feeling. Win win!

3. Under the stars

If you have a front door step, garden, balcony or big window you can open use this opportunity of clearer skies and get some romance on once the kids are in bed. Get your cuppa and a blanket and sit under those stars together and watch the clouds roll by in the moonlight. You can sit in silence if that's what you need after your day, or you can cuddle and talk about things that you didn't get a chance to until now. It's quiet time, and seeing the massive galaxy that we are a tiny part of can put things into perspective and promote some special times.

4. Sitting room sleep over

Once the kids are asleep drag your mattress into the sitting room and have one of those sitting room sleepovers you probably had as a teenager but since then have become a distant memory. Light the fire if you have one, something nice to snack on, stick on a movie, maybe even get that massage oil out that's covered in cobwebs in the depths of the toiletry corner. Play a game of truth or dare... Grow as a couple by broaching things you haven't yet, or simply reconnect with what made you spark in the first place. When the kids wake up in the morning and see the sitting room camp out you can always leave it there and have a family sitting room camp out the next night with them and their mattresses with a movie and popcorn. You'll be the coolest parents ever. Again, win win :)

5. Voucher Night

If you're like me and you've given vouchers in the past to your significant other on their birthdays for things you were going to do, but you haven't done them because life got in the way, then now is the time to catch up. Find them, rekindle that fun side, and don't worry about being silly or too old by now or too tired. Who cares if you're having fun! And if you're more sensible and haven't put yourself into a procrastinating trap of vouchers, lol, then you can always find some on Pinterest with plenty of ideas to go round.

6. Games night

Whether you're into computer games, card games or charades, crack out your Wii or your card games and have a laugh. Throw in a little competition and you'd be surprised how you can reconnect and energise yourselves again when you don't have to be a diplomat for your kids rivalry. Make up your own rules if you like.

7. No screen evening

So the kids have gone to bed and the usual habit may be to turn on the TV and decompose into the couch for an hour or two until you fall into bed...well how about turning all that off. A relaxed evening on the couch without distractions or social media with an opportunity to talk or just chill might be just what is needed after a busy day of just passing each other by. Even if you fall asleep on the couch together, it will still seem like it was quality time for the two of you.

I hope these ideas help somewhat if you're feeling like you need to reconnect, feel free to share more if you have more ideas!

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