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8 Meditation channels worth listening to.

Today is World Meditation Day and whether you're deciding to give meditation a go for the first time, or already practise everyday, it's always nice to get fresh guided meditations to listen to in case you can add them to your favourites. Our lives are all about speed and efficiency in this generation, but also about productivity and finding balance in that world. Meditation is a great way to spend even 10 minutes of your day to come back to the present moment as opposed to trying to be ten steps ahead all the time, and that in turn provides the clarity for productivity.

A lot of meditations can be specific for a certain problem or issue you may have like anxiety, grief, guilt, etc, so this can help support you through these.

If you are a seasoned meditator then unguided meditations may be more your thing, but in the spirit of encouraging curious first-timers to just give it a go I wanted to share 8 Meditation channels on YouTube that are worth trying for various different reasons, and most of them are also on Spotify if YouTube isn't your thing. The information as to whether or not they are Spotify is correct to the best of my knowledge at the time of publishing.

So here is a list of 8 guided meditation channels that have lots of other bonuses too, click on them to follow the link to check them out, enjoy!:

Great Meditations have meditations ranging from 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and 20 minutes upwards, so great if you only have a little time and want to quickly listen to one that's organised neatly into timed playlists. You can also choose whether you want to listen to a male or female voice for a lot of their tracks. Also on Spotify?: Yes

Suzanne is a registered clinical hypnotherapist with meditations and hypnotherapy sessions ranging from 15 - 33 minutes and also a website where you can download various hypnotherapy programmes should you wish. Also on Spotify?: Yes

Kelly's meditations may be good for beginners as they are uncomplicated and range from only 12 minutes to half an hour if you wish. The specific topic ones are very valuable. Also on Spotify? Yes

Sleep Easy Relax has tracks to not only meditate to but also sleep tracks that can be 3 hours long to help relax you and hopefully help get that good nights sleep you've been needing. Meditations tracks are roughly 20 minutes long so handy enough to add to your morning routine. Also on Spotify?: Yes

New Horizon has amazing topics and some shorter tracks starting at 20 minutes long as well as a wide selection of children sleep stories but if you enjoy longer meditations that really delve deep or if you're already a practised guided meditator and would like to grow more, then New Horizon has amazing longer ones to try. Also on Spotify?: Yes

The Mindful Movement offers sleep meditation and hypnotherapy tracks from 7 minutes long so if you're waiting somewhere or only have a few minutes to spare these may be for you. They also have a range of motivational videos on self growth and personal development. Also on Spotify?: Yes

The Honest Guys have hours of relaxing music for different situations as well as meditations starting at 10 minutes each and also guided healing meditations should you wish to help encourage positivity around any ailments you may have. Also on Spotify?: Yes

Boho Beautiful is a useful resource for meditation but also if you'd like to try yoga or want to learn about a healthy vegan lifestyle. I use her yoga videos to stretch out after my workouts and the beautiful locations they are filmed in add to the magic. Also on Spotify?: No

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