• Kathie Richardson

Gardening with kids - April

It's April and we're all still at home and I'm hoping you and yours are safe and well.

I'm sure most people's gardens are looking better than ever before at this stage but if you have kids it can be a little less 'calming' in the garden than when you're solo so here is how we've managed to use the opportunity to teach both our kids more about nature and where their food comes from. As you can see there's never a dull moment :)

Since the last video we fixed the rotting three bay compost heap that had fallen apart, I taught the kids how to water without jet washing the plants or drowning them, we sowed seeds of several different types of veg, and also enriched one of the outside beds with compost and cultivated it to make the soil fluffy and less stoney, ready for new seeds and seedlings to go in.

Our garden had been derelict for the last three years and slowly it's turning from jungle to backyard grocery shop.

I hope this video can inspire you to do something with your little ones, anything from a house windowsill to a plot outside, as you can see, they love it (most of the time), and checking on their creations growing bigger every morning is very exciting for them.


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