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Gardening with kids - March

Spring weather is finally here, and seeing as we're all at home I know those of us with an opportunity to have a vegetable plot might be getting started this month.

Our son has more than ten food allergies and plus more environmental allergies and a high chemical sensitivity (check out my other blog for more on that) so when he was younger and couldn't tolerate vegetables from the shop due to them being sprayed with chemicals we set up our polytunnel and outside veggie plot to grow vegetables that he was able to eat. As his immune system got stronger and we adapted to our changed lifestyle we were able to go from 'survival mode' in the garden to spending more time doing fun stuff that wasn't garden related so the veggie garden has been derelict for the last three years apart from a few beds in the polytunnel.

With the current paradigm however we felt it was a good idea to resurrect it again, so here is a little video of what we've been up to, and hopefully it might inspire you to have some fun with your little ones in the garden. Enjoy!

#gardeningwithkids #quarantine #familytime #lifestyle #growyourown

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